We offer investors and end users access to unique properties in both new and emerging markets. Through our network of international developers and contractors, we choose housing constructions in prime locations, with affordable entry prices and very high building and design standards.
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SIPA Trading offers Swiss based clients access to our discretionary asset management program in conjunction with a leading online bank and trading platform.
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Investors are offered opportunities within the commercial maritime world through our special partnership with leading global shipping companies. We are consultants specialized in providing tailored solutions with regard to direct investments in commercial vessels.
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SIPA Immobilier acquires properties for institutional and private investors.Our job is to make sure that all procedures related to the acquisitions, operations, and economics of our properties are properly handled.Our customers becomes shareholders in our buildings and receive dividends from the rental income at least once a year. We aim to continuously provide our investors with premium Swiss properties with an attractive yield from 4% p.a to 7% p.a.
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In the News

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COVID COMEBACK COVID-19 was meant to be in retreat by now but in many countries — India, Japan, Thailand — it has staged a comeback. India in particular was seen as this year’s growth leader with a 10%-plus rebound. Those...

Top Economic News – Week 36

SPRING MEETINGS Financial policymakers from around the globe are preparing to convene — virtually of course — for the springtime meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. G20 nations’ finance chiefs meet too on April 7....

Top Economic News – Week 27

GOODBYE, Q1 A new U.S. president, the selection of the candidate who might be Germany’s next leader, a $1.7 trillion rise in the value of global equities, amateur traders taking on seasoned hedge funds and digital art selling for millions...