SIPA group dates as far back as 1997 when we assisted leading private banks in managing their client relationships. In 2006, SIPA Property Advisors SA was established, and shortly thereafter the maritime branch followed.

Today, we are simply SIPA Group SA, and can best be described as a dynamic and entrepreneurial investment company.

Our Activities

Insight and experience

At SIPA, we combine thorough insight with long experience to always be on top of developments within the markets where we operate. As a consequence, we are always able to craft new and unique investment products that generate high returns.

We are eager to share the latest news about market movements, analysis, SIPA products as welll as stories that we find exciting – not only internally within the company and with our clients, but also on our News site.

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Satisfied customers are our primary objective and the basis of our enterprise. Our greatest asset is our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who know that to operate with success and to maintain a leading position in the financial sector, teamwork and transparency across business sections are of vital importance.

At SIPA we set goals in a two-way manner. Team members receive objectives to be reached, but they also set their own goals. Thus everyone strives towards reaching both an individually set goal and a goal for the group as a whole.

This close working relationship between management and operational staff across sections is an integral part of our philosophy – and is especially valuable when a team is faced with a highly demanding challenge while still maintaining productivity.


Who are we


SIPA Group

Rue Du Lion D`Or 6
1003 Lausanne
Phone: +41 2 132 123 60

Division Heads

SIPA Property

  • Sune Følner
  • Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Email :
  • Direct phone : +45 72 73 21 09

SIPA Maritime

  • Fredrik Larsen
  • Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Email :
  • Direct phone : +41 21 508 7092

SIPA Trading

SIPA Trading
  • Morgan Peuvrel
  • Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Email :
  • Direct phone : +41 21 530 70 24

SIPA Bulgaria

  • Slavena Hristova
  • Location : Varna, Bulgaria
  • Email :
  • Direct phone : +359 52 639 000

Group Directors

Group CEO

Group CEO
  • Martin Almdal
  • Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Email :
  • Direct phone : +45 69 12 65 60

Group CFO & Compliance Officer

Group CFO & Compliance Officer
  • Alan Andersen
  • Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Email :
  • Direct phone : +41 21 321 1390


Work with SIPA Group

Are you looking for a new job and are you amongst the most talented within the industry of finance? We are always on the lookout for individuals or teams who can assist us in making our company grow while observing our core values.
You are welcome to apply for advertised jobs or send an unsolicited application. Please send your application and resume to: